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The Incredible Tale of Miracle: A Bullet Won’t Keep This Dog Down

bullet head dog mian beach
Photo Credit: local10

The Quest to Find the Culprit Behind the Heartless Shooting of Miracle the Dog

A shocking incident has been reported wherein Miracle, a two-year-old dog, was discovered with a gunshot wound to her head in North Miami. Astoundingly, despite her grave injury, she remained active and mobile.

Local authorities are on high alert, diligently working to identify the individual responsible for this appalling act. Miracle is currently under the care of Knowles Animal Clinic located in southwest Miami-Dade.

iHeart Animal Rescue has been actively involved in her recovery. Cindy Mucciaccio from the organization expressed her distress, pointing out the bullet’s journey, “It traveled from her head and, incredibly, I can feel it lodged here.” Sadly, the bullet pierced Miracle’s lung and remains in her stomach.

Once the bullet is extracted, it will be handed over to the police as crucial evidence. To incentivize information on the shooter, The Brady Hunter Foundation has generously put forth a $5,000 reward.

iHeart Animal Rescue, along with the North Miami Police Department, is adamant about ensuring justice for Miracle, insisting on pressing charges against the perpetrator.

The resilient canine is seeking a loving foster home for her recovery journey. Moreover, the mounting medical expenses are substantial. Those willing to contribute can find more details by clicking here.

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