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People in their 30s to get coronavirus jab invite from the second half of May

Guidance issued by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization said rollout will continue in five-year age bands, with vulnerable workers within these groups such as taxi drivers, haulers and hospitality staff possibly invited first.

It is stated that according to new details published on Wednesday People in their thirties could start getting vaccinated in the second half of May. Some statements from Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization states that the rollout will continue in whole five-year age bands.

It is feared that complicating the age-based ranking could slow down the rollout. Defenseless workers within these groups such as taxi drivers, haulers, and hospitality staff might come forward first. On the other hand, it is based on current rates, those aged 35 to 39 could book a jab in the second half of May.

With those aged 18 to 24 and 25 to 29 during the rest of June and July and People in the 30-to-35 group might be called in by late May or early June. This is down from two-thirds holding over-65 at the summit of the second wave.

The move comes as more people under 65 are being admitted to hospital with Covid-19 than older age groups as vaccination kicks in. However, there are growing fears those traveling overseas could bring Covid variants into the UK as well.

A Government adviser advised that the lockdown could be reimposed though if new variants get out of control as the UK’s biggest surge testing operation tackles an outbreak of the South African variant in London. Yesterday a further 38 deaths in Covid-19 were reported. Downing Street said there was “nothing to suggest” people “aren’t behaving responsibly” after lockdown curbs were relaxed on Monday.

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