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Easy Ways to Improve your Memory

Improve Memory

The word ‘Memory’ is derived from a Latin word ‘memoria’, meaning ‘mindful’ or ‘remembering’. Human memory is its ability to remember past experiences and capability to learn and adapt. So it is important to know how to improve memory more effectively with the passage of time to preserve and enhance your mental strength.

Improve Memory Tips

There are several simple ways to learn how to improve memory. Let’s have a look at some of the most practiced techniques that can help you know how to improve memory and to keep your brain healthy:

  • Treat Your Depression

Stress and anxiety aggravates anger that affects our memory badly. A simple way to learn how to improve memory is to control your temper and get proper treatment to overcome depression. Depression is considered as one of the prime factors that affect our memory, making it unable to concentrate. So you should know how to improve memory and how to control depression. In addition, prolonged depression demolishes brain’s ability to remember anything new, so we must seek proper treatment to overcome depression and should know how to improve memory.

  • Regular Exercising

Regular exercising can help you answer how to improve memory with little or no effort. Exercise helps to keep our body and brain fit and healthy. Human brain requires proper blood circulation to keep its memory and other functions intact. Having regular exercise makes one of the easiest ways as how to improve memory. A brisk walk or any exercise like swimming can provide a good mental workout. Recent studies show that physically active persons have greater mental health and performance. So you should know how to improve memory with regular workout and active lifestyle.

  • Visualization& Images

Another most practiced and useful tip to learn how to improve memory is through visualization and proper focus. Like the famous saying, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’; you can use visualization to remember an entire list of things, by associating the images together. This is how to improve memory faster and quicker. Whatever task you have to perform, just make a visual image of the same in your mind and try connecting a list of random words into images to make a storyline. This technique will help you to learn how to improve memory, as image visualization may help you remember the words better.

  • Pay Attention

Paying attention is another solution of how to improve memory. It is difficult to remember things if we are not paying the required amount of attention to the information we are getting. So you should focus on how to improve memory by staying in the present and really paying attention to the task at hand. Normally, eight seconds are considered enough to store information into the memory bank. One way to stay mindful of even the smallest actions is to repeat it aloud. This is how to improve memory, as staying focused will boost your ability to remember things.

  • Chunking

Chunking is how to improve memory. Chunking means cut or break into pieces. It makes a really good memory practice where you break whole information into smaller parts to remember it with ease. You must learn how to improve memory by using this technique. A good example of chunking is our mobile phone number, which has 3 or 4 digits before hyphen as a break, followed by another 7 numbers. This is how to improve memory using chunking. Same way you can break your PIN number, social security number, license plate number or even your national identity number for easy remembrance.

Based upon the above mention techniques, you should know how to improve memory, as it is highly important to have a sharp memory and healthy brain strength.

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