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Elderly Health Care Problems and Remedies

Elderly Health Care Problems

Health Care for the Elderly

Health care problems arise with time and when you become old they become more obvious and sometime severe.  Well this is a fact elderly health care is very important, its need a lot of attention more than they need medicine.  Aging is itself a big problem. Many senior citizens faces lots of health care problems, here we will have a look on the problems and even on the remedies too.

1. Chronic disease and their remedies

The basic health care problems of elder people start from the chronic diseases which are heart disease, diabetes, joint pain and blood pressure problems. This disease can be much swerve if proper elderly health care is not taken.  These elder people with these sorts of diseases are dependent on others.  Elderly health care problem could be solved if they quit smoking and stop taking alcohol. The remedies for these diseases are very simple and easy to follow.  Health care problems can be sorted out by prevention, taking medicines on time, going to doctor regularly and eat a good diet that is prescribed by the doctor.  Solution to health care problem can be sorted by doing proper exercise and by proper care.

2. Proper medical care

Health care problems also begun when there is no good medical care is given to them.  Elderly health care means that they need quality and on time medical care.  In many countries elderly health care problems are solved by giving them proper medical insurance and now this insurance is lacking in many countries.  Older people health care problems can be solved out if they go see doctor on regular basis.  Good care should be taken of them so that they feel happy and satisfied, this way elderly health care can come to an end.

3. Management of medication

Elderly health care is very important because in this stage these people are just like child, so it is the duty of their children’s to take care of them.  Health care problems arises in these old people when they start taking pills, they make it routine.  Elder people take more than one medicine so their care taker or children should take care of it that what medicine they are taking. See if they are taking any sort of tranquilizer or pills, because these pills react to elder people body differently and there is a chance of reaction too. This elderly health care has a solution that brings your bills whenever you visit a doctor so that doctor can have a look on it.

4. Memory loss

One of the health care problems in elder people arises with the partial memory loss. In this case older people forget everything which has happened in the present and just remember their past. They start living in past. It is a fact that woman goes through this problem and those woman who have lived difficult life faces memory loss problem.  The solution to this is take medicines which helps them to remember things and tell them that this is past.

5. Parkinson diseases

The common problem that is faced by many elder people is Parkinson disease.  In this problem muscles become rigid and there is change in the speech.  The main factor of this disease is age factor. Well, there is no treatment to get over this disease but there are treatments given which can help patients to get better. It depends on the patients to get over it. Health care problems in elder people especially in this disease can make them depress, so spent time with your elders and take good care of them.

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