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You’re making a crucial mistake if you are doing this, says Dr. Fauci

The nation’s leading infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that people are making a mistake if they are doing this.

Coronavirus vaccines are rolling out around the country, and the nation’s leading infectious disease expert has issued a warning to anyone thinking this way.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical advisor to the White House and the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, has said that if you are waiting to receive a Moderna/Pfizer vaccine and don’t want to get a Johnson & Johnson vaccine because of the efficacy rates, you are making a mistake. “The only way you really know the difference between vaccines is by comparing them head to head”.

Dr. Fauci continued, “We have three highly efficacious vaccines that are safe and efficacious. That’s the bottom line and the J & J, if you look at them, particularly in things that we really care about, they’re important.

It’s got greater than 85% efficacy after a severe disease and critical disease.” Additionally, Dr. Fauci said that efficacy against severe disease is “greater than 85%”, and that there have been “no hospitalization or deaths in multiple countries, even in countries that have the variants” from the vaccine.

So, if you aren’t getting a Johnson & Johnson vaccine because you are waiting to get a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine due to those vaccines having a higher efficacy rate, you are making a mistake. You should go out and get any COVID-19 vaccine that is available to you. The benefits clearly outweigh the negatives.

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