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Mum lost all her top teeth after sipping fizzy drinks every day for 10 years

A mum revealed she lost all her top teeth to drinking soda every day for 10 years.

Victoria Nowakowski documented the deterioration of her teeth after a dentist told her the first signs of rotten teeth in 2017.

She blamed the dental problem on a combination of factors, including drinking fizzy drinks every day, poor dental hygiene and smoking.

In a TikTok video viewed more than 1.7 million times, she shows pictures how her teeth looked like back in 2012 and how they turned out in 2017.

She explains: “This is in 2017 when they first started to go bad and when I was first told that I needed to have them all removed on the top and I needed dentures.

“Fast forward to 2020 and this is what they turned into after three years.”

In the picture, Victoria’s teeth starts to rot with visible black marks appearing on the crown of the teeth.

Some of them are chipped away and the front teeth appears to be in a decayed shape.

Then she shows a dental X-ray of how the teeth were before they got removed.

Since then, Victoria had her upper teeth removed so that the dentist can make a mould to fix her teeth.

In the follow-up videos, she shares her story and warns viewers not to overlook the importance of dental hygiene.

She said: “I’ve been drinking coca-cola, dark soda, for like the last 10 years, every single day all day.

“I started smoking cigarettes four to five years ago.

“I was pregnant in 2017 / 2018, I don’t know if that had anything to do with the decay and how fast it decayed, my teeth decayed.

“I was also absolutely terrified of the dentist and the thought of getting my teeth out, and going through this process was absolutely terrifying, and it took me a really long time to get the courage up to do it.”

She also revealed that she didn’t brush or floss her teeth during her high school years, which she now realised it “had a big part on them decaying”.

After a three-month denture process, she is now left with a straight, white smile.

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