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This is when normal life will return, and COVID-19 will be over

But when will that be? When will the COVID-19 pandemic be over? According to Dr. Clare Wenham, assistant professor of global health policy at the London School of Economics, the ending of the COVID-19 pandemic will be in 2023/2024. Dr. Wenham says that the pandemic won’t be over until COVID-19 vaccines are distributed out to the entire world.

Dr. Wenham said, “This pandemic isn’t going to be over until it’s over globally. We’re still going to be living in some form of restrictions – travel restrictions, border controls – even when we’re vaccinated, until it’s over round the world. So there’s a real imperative to make sure that everybody round the world has at least minimum levels of vaccines at the same time.

Dr. Wenham explains that even if a country such as the UK reaches herd immunity via vaccines, the country will still have travel restrictions and border control due to new variants of COVID-19 popping up around the world. If there were no travel restrictions or border control, someone could travel to a location where a new variant is, pick up the newly mutated strain, and bring it back to the UK. If the new strain happens to dodge COVID-19 vaccine antibodies, it could cause a super-spreader event that would essentially rewind the progress the country has made.

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