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Does chocolate affect women’s health?

I am telling you women, do not be afraid of chocolates, why do you avoid them, like plague, thinking that chocolate contains will make your diet and weight-loss plans go haywire, well it is not true and has no bad impact on women’s health.

Chocolate is something really good as it has always been associated with love and comfort and feels delicious in the mouth, even if you look at it from health point of view, in order to maintain women’s fitness, chocolates induces the production of endorphins in the body, endorphins being hormones that reduce the feelings of pain in the body and makes the body feel pleasure in its stead.

Women should not fear eating chocolates; whatever cravings chocolate induces in a woman is all in her mind and has nothing to do with women’s health issue. In fact, chocolate can be beneficial and healthy for women’s fitness, if eaten in the correct manner.

Remember that chocolate should be eaten as a treat rather than a snack. If one is feeling hungry, she should eat a proper meal which is not loaded in calories. Eating chocolate when one is hungry only leads to bingeing. Besides, research has proven that consuming chocolate when one is not hungry lessens the craving for it and has no impact on women’s fitness.

For, women’s fitness sake, chocolate should be taken slowly and should be eaten with delight as it reduces the level of stress also and works amazingly well for women’s health. A third thing to remember about eating chocolate is that less is more. Eat simple plain chocolate rather than having a cookie laden with chocolate chips, simply because there is more chocolate in a small bar than in a cookie.

Lastly, chocolates should be kept in a place that is not easily accessible so one would not give in to a sudden binge if the cravings hit her.

Believe me! Chocolates are not to be feared. They are comfort foods and should be considered as a treat and a reward for a healthy life and act as a ‘stress reliever’ for women’s health.

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