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Doctors are discovering new enigmatic Coronavirus Symptoms

Doctors are getting strange COVID-19 symptoms in recent cases. These newly discovered symptoms are never seen before.

Since COVID-19 is a well-known disease and humans are aware of its signs, experts are observing a few new manifestations in affected people.

As per Radio.com, scientists found an 86 years old COVID-19 positive patient who has been experiencing from impairment and her three fingers had to cut out because she was suffering a lack of blood flow in her fingers.

According to Radio.com, experts have found an 86-year-old woman who tested positive for COVID-19 and afterward had to get three fingers removed due to gangrene, which is an infection that is caused by lack of blood flow. They said in a report published here that her fingers were turned black and it was a prominent sign. Moreover, they said, “She wasn’t having other signs of coronavirus”.

The researchers believe that this uncommon symptom is associated with the escalating normally exaggerated immune system. This condition is known as “cytokine storm” that caused death in most cases who infected from the coronavirus. The Professor of genetic epidemiology and researcher at King’s College London claimed he has found at least one uncommon symptom in one out of five patients. These symptoms were rashes, mouth sores, and enlarged tongue.

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