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How to Get Rid of a Kink in Neck

How to Get Rid of Pain in Neck

Rid of Neck Pain

Many a times we notice or come across a situation where we are blaming our pillow, our posture, or slept funnily. Well we don’t realize that this neck pain which is causing a problem can turn out very badly for a person.

A kinked neck or neck pain is most commonly noticeable in the morning. A kinked neck is usually the results of tension and over stress in time of the day before and as you sleep with stressed out muscles or ligament- a kinked neck is obvious. This results in loss of mobility and usually pain when you try to use it.


Heat is essential for the curing the kinked neck. Applying ice to the kinked neck forces the body to relax for a while. Thus it will eventually reduce the swelling you can’t see and has the added benefit of dulling the pain.


Ice was one way of reducing the kinked neck, so one more way of getting rid of this neck pain is a hot shower. Hot showers or a heating pad provide a lot of soothing effect and make the neck muscles to relax. Heat also forces the muscles to contract less and speeds the healing process for a kinked neck.

Anti-Inflammatory Medicine

When nothing natural thing doesn’t work, doctors usually advice for muscle relaxants such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin). These drugs are very effective for short term, as the y help to wipe off the neck pain immediately providing the patient to relax.

Aspirin also has anti-inflammatory properties. If none of any above options are available, then consult a doctor or pharmacist for advice. Please note here that aspirins are not at all recommended for children thus check before you go for any self-medications.

Exercise slowly

The problem of kinked neck can also be cured by exercising your neck slowly in a circular motion to stretch out the agitated part of your neck. Exercising can be very difficult at first but with little patience you can be relieved  from the problem of kinked neck.

Bath Salts

When going for a shower, you can make use of bath salts and can get rid of a kinked neck. The problem of kinked neck can be easily cured through bath salts as they are known to be good pain relievers. Moreover, balms, creams,gels and herbal pain relievers can also be applied to the affected area of the kinked neck. These can be rubbed over the kinked neck in a circular direction to achieve better results.

Neck Supports

When you go to the pharmacies, many neck supporters to brace the neck are available. Only when kinked neck is very severe you may need a neck brace but if you are at home with no extra help, immediately roll up a small bath towel and wrap it around your neck so that the base of your skull (spinal cord) rests on top.

Get a massage

Massage is one natural way of getting rid of kinked neck. Massage no doubt gives not only relaxation but also prevents any further neck pain. Massage has to be done by someone experienced or a professional as any wrong stroke can be very damaging for the patient and very painful as well. Massages are available at parlours and spa but please consult your physician or your doctor before going for any massage.

Having said all the above, my personal advise be to visit your nearest doctor and first find out what kind of neck pain are you suffering from. This is because although there may be many ways to get rid of kinked neck but the safest way is consultation.

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