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Conditions of Anxiety and its Remedies

Conditions of Anxiety

Anxiety and its RemediesAnxiety is a state of displeasing feeling of concern and fear which is considered to be a normal reaction to stress. Anxiety affects adults of 18 years and older caused by stressful events such as speaking in public or especially situations that you are unaware of. There are different conditions of anxiety and so their remedies.

Everyone experiences anxiety to some degree. Anxiety is caused by the perception of fear, or in other words, by thinking fearfully. Anxiety is also defined as the troubled state of mind like at the thought of sitting in an exam, attending an interview or starting a new job. One may worry about feeling uncomfortable or appearing foolish etc. These worries may affect your sleep, concentration and appetite. If everything goes good then the anxiety will go away but when it becomes excessive, it is known as Anxiety Disorder.

Conditions of Anxiety:

Different conditions occur during anxiety because everyone has a unique chemical make up, intensity and frequency of anxiety symptoms. Here are some of the many conditions which occur during anxiety.

  • During anxiety, you will look pale, without color and ill.
  • The body temperature will rise or fall and will be different each time you take it.
  • One will have difficulty with speaking, talking, pronouncing words or moving the mouth.
  • It will become difficult to concentrate.
  • Loss of sleep and appetite.
  • One may panic and there will be an overwhelming fear and sense of loss of control.
  • One may suffer from indigestion or diarrhea.
  • Tingling or numbness feeling in the hands and fingers.
  • One may also have co-ordination problem with the limbs.
  • Feeling energized or sometimes no energy at all.
  • Fear of making a fool of yourself in front of other people.
  • You may suffer from headaches or migraine.
  • Feeling irritated and lack of patience.
  • Feeling like crying for no reason at all.
  • Having bizarre dreams or waking up with a panic.
  • Having difficulty in breathing.
  • Some people may also feel a lump in the throat.

Remedies of Anxiety:

Feeling anxiety after time to time is a normal thing and there are many remedies which reduce it to a manageable level. Here are some of the remedies of anxiety but it is important to be evaluated by your doctor for proper diagnosis to rule out any other medical problem.

  • Massage therapy is widely used to relieve stress and improve sleep.
  • Anxiety can by controlled by breathing and relaxing techniques.
  • Replacing negative thoughts with the positive and peaceful ones helps as well.
  • Pray, meditate or do whatever it takes to give your mind a break.
  • Learning how to handle difficult situations can make you feel more confident and relaxed.
  • Regular exercise can help you deal with anxiety as exercise uses up the adrenaline and other hormones which are produced under stress.
  • Psychotherapies are talking treatments which can help you understand and control your anxieties.
  • Medication is also very affective for anxiety like Tranquillizers & Antidepressants. Tranquillizers are very effective but should only be taken for a short period of time as they can be additive while Antidepressants can also work well for anxiety but it can take two to four weeks and can also cause side effects.

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