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Home Remedies for Dry Eyes Relief

Home Remedies for Dry Eyes Relief

Remedies for Dry EyesDry eye is a state characterized when your eyes loose water from the tear film. As a the tear film becomes saltier, your eyes start burning and later there is a sensation of dryness and sandy-gritty irritation. This is the symptoms of dry eyes.

Symptom of dry eyes are a problem for many people but mostly people take dry eye relief lightly and don’t go for medications immediately.

How is Dry Eye Syndrome Diagnosed

Symptoms of dry eyes are diagnosed by considering the clinical tests and diagnosis. By determining the cause of the dry eyes whether it is inadequacy of tear production or  poor tears quality.

Natural Remedies To Cure Dry Eyes

There are some natural remedies to cure dry eyes that give some relief to dry eyes:

1. Warm Compress

By placing a warm towel on your eyes several times throughout the day would surely provide this dry eye syndrome a relief. The warmth will help compress to open up clogged oil glands in the eyelids and will fill the oil in your tears providing it a relief from dry eyes.

2. Use Humidifier and Turn Vent Away From Your Eyes

The weather can adversely affect eyes causing dry eyes or itching. Keeping off the moisture can prevent the mucous membranes from dry eye syndrome and irritation in the eyes. Air blowing directly at your face can help dry your eyes from watering thus keeping off air vents away from eyes would help.

3. Omega-3 and Vitamin Supplements

Researches and studies have been successful to show that people suffering from symptoms of dry eyes have found relief by taking Omega-3 capsules and Flaxseed Oil Supplements. Adding Omega-3 to your diet can minimize the occurrence of dry eye syndrome.

4. Adjust Your Diet

Diet has a direct impact on body including eyes which are an important part of our body. If diet is rich with complex carbohydrates, it is believed that the sugar could affect eyes in a negative way. Diets high in fruits and vegetables are better for dry eye symptoms.

5. Blinking and Resting Your Eyes

People, who work at computers, play video games, read, sew or do other activities involving continuous concentration with their eyes, suffer from dry eyes, as they tend to blink eyes less per than other people do. Taking break often and providing some rest to eyes during the working day will help protect problem of dry eyes.

By making some conscious efforts to save and minimize problems of dry eyes, we can protect one essential part of our body.

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