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Stripper called rival ‘glass-eyed prostitute’ before battering her with jug in nightclub

A woman battered a rival stripper at a lap dancing club after calling her a “glass-eyed prostitute” during a vicious spat.

Yvonne McDermid, 36, threw a drink over former exotic dancer Cheryl Hanrahan, 45, after the pair bumped into each other at Wiggle Gentleman’s Club in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Bournemouth Crown Court heard McDermid punched Cheryl before hitting her on the side of a face with a jug.

Cheryl, who wears a glass eye, said she and McDermid first saw each other at a club called Eden where the exotic dancer called her a “glass-eyed prostitute”.

Later that night, she saw McDermid at Wiggle when the 36-year-old told her not to sit down at a table in the club, The Sun reports.

Cheryl told the court: “I was in Wiggle with my friends and after dancing with them I sat down I was maybe four or five paces from her.

“She shouted over to me not to sit at the table. I didn’t want to cause trouble but I didn’t see why I should move.

“The next thing I felt a lot of liquid being poured over me and being smashed in the face.”

Cheryl slumped into unconsciousness, in hospital, where she was treated for bruises and cuts to her face that she said has scarred her for life.

McDermid admitted pouring orange juice over Cheryl but claimed she had acted in self-defence and denied throwing the jug.

She told jurors: “I did pour the orange juice over her because she was coming at me over the table.

“In that moment I thought ‘she threw a drink at me earlier so I’ll throw one at her now’. I didn’t throw the jug at her – I just dropped it to get it out of my hand.

“We both had hold of each others’ hair and ended up fighting on the floor. I don’t see how a plastic jug could cause those injuries.”

Witness Anthony Wilson said Cheryl was “looking at Yvonne with a smug look” and it “felt like she was trying to antagonise her”.

He said: “Yvonne said f*** off I don’t want you here.

“Cheryl shrugged her shoulders so Yvonne picked up a jug containing orange juice and poured it over her.”

He went on: “Cheryl went towards her in retaliation and Yvonne punched her in the head three times. They were both pulling each other’s hair and Cheryl was bleeding from her face.”

McDermid, of Bournemouth, was found guilty of grievous bodily harm and will be sentenced next month.

Cheryl, who now works as a laser treatment specialist for the NHS, said: “I am really happy, to tell the truth, I am ecstatic.

“It has been a really hard time for me and I hope she is given a strong sentence.

“I would also like to think that this verdict may prompt her to take a look at herself and address some of her anger issues.”

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