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Hair Loss Causes and Remedies for Women

Hair Loss Causes

Hair Loss Causes

If you want to know the appropriate growth of your hair and if it is growing well or not, think about a garden. Whatever grows on the surface is a direct result of whatever happens underground. A normal hair cycle like the growth of flowers in a garden will give you a healthy result that is of hair.

The cause of hair loss in women can be plenty ranging from intake of various medicines, illness due to any kind of infection, or any other chemical application which can result in loss of hair. Other condition occurs of thinning hair in women when they undergo hormonal transitions. It occurs due to a variation in the estrogen level. This level changes in women particularly at the time when they have conceived or taking birth control medicines or even in times of a miscarriage.  If you lose hair after six months of child birth, do not worry. It is a natural process and a temporary one as the new hair follicles is already growing while you shed the hair.

Severe illness and physical conditions also play a negative role in the women’s hair loss. There are diseases such as anemia, anorexia, thyroid gland diseases, renal failure, fungal all these infections can affect your hair growth, hence results in loss of them. Also, in times of high temperature, the growth cycle of hair is extensively affected.

The prime factor which is causing early hair loss in women today is experienced by those who are on a slim-diet or a weight/losing plan. A nutritious diet should be taken at all times containing sufficient amount of proteins, fatty acids and zinc. If your diet is deficient of all these important elements, it can cause hair loss or just thinning. Prescribed Vitamins, such as Vitamin A can be taken to control the hair loss.

Thus remain cool and calm at all times as high stress can result in more hair loss. It is because hair responds more to any kind of physical stress therefore, their chance of getting affected is high at all times. There are various treatments today for women’s hair loss like follicular unit transplantation procedures and much more.

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