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4 Fabulous Tips to Reduce Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women is a very common phenomena and it could be due to infinite medical and other reasons. Hair loss in women is drastic sometimes due the teenage years, some witness hair loss during pregnancy or hormonal changes after 50 years or hair loss in women can be due to some infections, chemical reactions due to the over usage of chemicals like hair etc. But if you witness hair loss in women without being under attack of any of the above stated issues then it is just the natural system of hair loss in women which you are witnessing.

On average, we lose almost 50-100 hair stands a day in normal routine and this hair loss is often taken as a dangerous sign of hair loss in women by many people. Losing this much amount of hair is very normal each day and in fact, the days when you wash your hair, almost 200-250 hair are lost which is also very normal and it is not an abnormal behavior of hair loss in women. Here are a few tips that you can follow in order to avoid hair loss in women if you still think that your hair loss is abnormal and it is more than the stated number of strands lost each day.

Avoid Too Hot or Too Cold

A primary hair care technique in order to prevent hair loss in women is never to wash your hair with the water which is too hot or too cold. It directly attacks the roots of your hair and makes them extremely weak which ultimately becomes a cause for hair loss in women. Always use luke warm or room temperature water for washing your hair and avoiding hair loss in women.

Reduce the Stress Levels

Stress and tensions are the building blocks of almost all the diseases in the world and that holds extremely true for hair loss in women too. If you want to prevent hair loss in women, then the ideal way is to regulate your psychological system and reduce the stress and tension levels

An Oil Massage

A good hair oil massage is ideal for preventing hair loss especially if you like to swim frequently or work in areas where dust is very likely to hit your hair. If you massage hair oil before swimming, it prevents hair loss in women by preventing against the direct contact of hair with chlorine and other harsh chemicals in water. Moreover, if you go or work in very dusty areas, it prevents the hair loss in women which is caused by direct hitting of dust onto your hair.

A Good Diet is a Must

For healthy hair and prevention of hair loss in women, a good diet is a must. No matter how hard you try to reduce hair loss in women, if your diet is not good, your hair can never be the way you want. Avoid crash diets and low protein diets because they certainly are the root cause for many to have hair loss in women. Maintaining a well-balanced diet is essential. Eat fruits, vegetables, meat and above all, pay special attention to water intake if you want to get rid of the hair loss in women at a maximum level.

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