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Parents of a Boy Having Fatal Cancer say their son could Become the First Child in the World to undergo Groundbreaking Cancer Treatment

Lucas Posey-Bottomley
Lucas Posey-Bottomley has been diagnosed with terminal cancer (Image: Jamie Bottomley/BPM Media)

The parents of a 10-year-old kid who was given just months to live and a 0% survival chance by doctors say their son may be the first youngster in the world to get ground-breaking cancer treatment. The boy’s father said that his son had experienced multiple episodes of sickness.

Lucas Posey-Bottomley, age 10, was a healthy young boy. Unfortunately, Lucas received a terminal cancer diagnosis in April 2022.

The doctors informed the parents that their son has only months to live and had a 0% chance of survival. But they are still hopeful that he will recover. According to The Mirror, Lucas’ parents are hoping that their son will be the first child in the world to receive treatment for brain cancer that could save his life.

Jamie, Lucas’ father, claims that the 10-year-old youngster was unwell multiple times. The boy’s parents took him to the hospital when he began to have balance issues. Sadly, a rare and fatal kind of cancer called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, which has little chance of survival, was found in young Lucas.

Lucas Posey-Bottomley Photo
(Image: Jamie Bottomley/BPM Media)

During an interview with The Mirror, Lucas’ father reportedly said: “He hadn’t been really ill before the diagnosis. He was sick once and we thought nothing of it at first, but then he was again, and then he had balance problems, so that’s when we took him to the doctors. It was there where we were told the news – and I’m still in shock now. I still find it hard to believe, to be honest, and I’m a 37-year-old man, so I don’t think anyone can appreciate how a child will take it.”

The 10-year-old boy is now back at home after completing a tough round of radiotherapy. According to Lucas’ parents, he is now unable to walk or talk.

Jamie Bottomley reportedly told LL: “He knows he has a tumor, and while we’ve not told him he’s going to die, I think he knows. He probably knows it and that’s heartbreaking. It’s scary and I don’t think anyone can appreciate it truly unless it happens to them, but no one should go through it. No parent should have to tell their child he’s going to die.”

The company SonALAsense, which creates son dynamic therapy for brain and other fatal cancers, is the source of the treatment Lucas’ parents are fundraising for because they still have hope. Jamie claims that the clinical experiment entails ingesting a medication meant to draw cancer cells before destroying them with an ultrasound machine.

The clinical trial might go on for months, according to LL and Lucas’ parents. Additionally, the boy’s cancer must not have spread to his spine for it to work.

Jamie Bottomley also said: “From being told we had a 0 percent survival rate to being given this hope, we hold onto it dearly. We hope Lucas’s MRI will say the cancer’s not spread and hopefully that means we can go to America. Anything we can do to help him, we’ll do it. It’s what any parent would do.”

SonALAsense will provide funding for medical care, but Lucas and his family will be responsible to pay their own living costs while traveling in the United States. The unfortunate British parents have started an online fundraising program to help cover the costs.

We are so hopeful for what could happen and are desperate for good news. I’m trying to stay strong and keep it together for the family, but it’s difficult. Our whole world got turned upside down and we’re still trying to recover from that, but maybe this will be what we need and what Lucas needs,” Lucas’s father also said.

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