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The Super Bizarre Bedtime Rule The Royal Family Has To Follow

According to the report and from an insider that there are some selfish rules that British Royal Family had to follow. That way they are known for doing something that a normal living family cannot do. The main thing is that the Queen celebrates her birthday twice a year.

By passing the 2021 year that family isn’t recognized for living the rightest or most considerate bunch of their relatives either.

According to The New York Times CBS- televised in march after their May 2018 nuptials and issues with hostility from the British press Prince Harry and Meghan Markle proclaimed their objections that it is not fine or normal by racism, and mental health, amongst others, with “The Firm,” as some dub it, “I went to the institution, and I said that I needed to go somewhere to get help, I said I’d never felt this way before,” Meghan revealed interviewer and media maven Oprah Winfrey (via CNN).

“And I was told that I couldn’t, that it wouldn’t be good for the institution.” So, it’s saying that knowing about their odd habits and their manner towards senior members, what’s another rule the royal family follows? 

They can’t go to bed until the queen turns in for the night

Having said that there’s another odd rule that the royal family has to follow, and this one’s a doozy, and oddly has to deal with bedtime.

 According to Pure Wow, the rule is “No one is allowed to go to bed and sleep before the queen does”. The rule is important and doesn’t any tell how long this rule has been in place. And unlike most conventions, it’s saying that the queen goes to bed late.

She “tucks in at midnight,” According to Zarifi Hardy, a coach at the Australian School of Etiquette said Sir William Heseltine, the queen’s former private secretary (via Pure Wow). “Nobody felt it right to go to bed before the queen did,”.

While this regular routine may be normal for members of the royal family, the “People’s Princess,” Princess Diana, and late mother to Princes William and Harry, who married into the family who simply couldn’t follow it. Following the reports, they were not able to wait for the queen to go to bed. Diana would often excuse herself early and get her well-deserved beauty sleep.

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