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More Twins For Amal And George Clooney?

Amal and George were married in 2014and become a parent of twins and named, Ella and Alexander. Both are now Turing to 3 years and rumor about they are starting to welcome another twin. For whatever reason, twins are a very popular tabloid narrative. Let take a look in the story.

Double Baby Joy After ‘Rough Patch’

In its cover story, we have seen this time Clooney’s were expecting with twin girls and Amal and George were planning to have this spurring news just after the Christmas, according to Gossip Cop. A source explained how they would tell the children: “They’ll explain it in language little ones can understand, saying, ‘Mommy has two babies growing in her tummy.’” The tipster said that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had already been informed.

From our reliable source, this is bogus and fake story created by the renowned tabloid. Clooneys have both explained that they won’t have any more kids, and a spokesperson for George confirmed that this story was just fictitious. It’s a common trope for the tabloid, as Star reported in May that Gwen Stefani was expecting twins, but those twins never materialized.

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