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Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Sobs as She Recalls their Baby’s Tragic Death

Georgina Rodriguez
Source: the sun

Georgina Rodriguez breaks down in tears on her new US Weekly program as she relives the sorrow of losing one of her twins after childbirth. Bella Esmeralda, the 29-year-old influencer’s baby with Cristiano Ronaldo, was born healthy in April last year at a Manchester hospital, but her male twin sibling died.

Georgina had previously stated that she will speak up about her suffering in the second season of ‘I Am Georgina,’ which is set to premiere across the world on March 24. This afternoon, a new trailer was released, showing her crying as she spoke about her loss.

The Argentinian-born beauty admits, as an adorable photo flashes up on the screen of her lying in bed in a hospital with Bella Esmeralda on her chest: “Life is hard, life goes on. “I have reasons to move on and be strong.”

Praising her footballer partner for helping her get through the darkest period in their life together, she adds: “Cris really encouraged me to continue with my agenda. He said: ‘Gio, get on with your life, it’ll do you good.’

She goes on to say: “My priority right now is my family and my children. I’m so happy and thankful..”

The trailer also suggests that highlights from Georgina’s 28th birthday, when Cristiano spent millions of pounds on a light and laser show projected on Dubai’s famed Burj Khalifa tower, would be featured in the show.

Georgina admits: “Nowadays, it’s difficult to surprise me” as the light and laser show is played out before admitting: “Cristiano is so thoughtful with me, he’s really good. He’s the love of my life.”

In another part, she meets Spanish singer and songwriter Rosalia, who admits to being a fan of the first series of ‘I Am Georgina,’ which was launched on the influencer’s 28th birthday in January last year, after hugging her and stating, “I’ve seen your show and I love it.”

Georgina is also seen receiving a tattoo, which is supposed to be the one she got last August in memory of her child.

The industrious former POUNDS 10-an-hour shop worker, who now has 47 million followers on Instagram, is filmed saying: “For me, work is necessary” during the 1.56-minute trailer for the second series of her hit on YouTube.

The mum-of-two, who treats Cristiano’s three children as if they were her own, also confesses: “I feel like a super mum, a superwoman” before adding alongside footage of her dancing romantically with Cristiano: “I’m a sister, I’m a friend, I’m a woman, I am Georgina’”

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