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Why Is Shanna Moakler’s Net Worth So Low Compared To Her Ex Travis Barker?

Shanna Moakler
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Because Shanna Moakler most frequently appears in news articles pertaining to her ex-husband, people are curious about her personal life and financial situation. It makes it reasonable that her ex-husband would be extremely wealthy given that he is a member of a well-known band.

Despite Travis Barker’s current relationship with a Kardashian, Blink-182’s recent resurgence only serves to underline the band’s apparent timeless quality. Shanna Moakler, on the other hand, spent much less time in the public eye in the past. Here is her estimated net worth and the source of her funds.

After her ex-husband married his new wife, Shanna Moakler made headlines when she auctioned off her engagement ring. She most likely didn’t list the ring, though, since she needed the cash. Despite her messy relationships, Shanna has a $15 million net worth that allows her to support herself.

Fans of Travis or Shanna may remember that the two formerly had their own reality series. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to have generated much revenue during its tenure. Only 14 episodes of Meet the Barkers were produced, and it ended two years before the former couple’s marriage.

It’s unknown if the program was intended to last longer than it did or how much the Barkers were paid for it. In any case, Shanna has a ton of additional acting roles and other possibilities in television.

Moakler makes many more television appearances under her own name on reality shows and other shows, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t make big money from her temporary jobs. Paychecks were also received for work on Celebrity Big Brother and Hollywood Exes, however, it’s unclear how much money Moakler made from each gig specifically.

Two children, a son, and a girl, were born to Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler. Landon and Alabama were still quite little when their parents separated because they were born in 2003 and 2005, respectively. Given their ages, Travis would be responsible for paying child support for a very long period, and it appears that throughout the years, he gave Moakler a sizable sum of money.

As Travis asked for a reduction in child support payments, information about the child support portion of the former couple’s divorce became public in 2016. He was required to pay $18,000 a month for the two children at the time.

Barker requested a decrease since, according to him, he wasn’t making a lot of money at the time (down to $2,900 a month). Given Blink-182’s massive comeback tour (though they never really left), it’s likely that this has changed, but Travis claimed that his annual income was only a few hundred thousand dollars as opposed to millions.

Regardless, Barker would have paid nearly $2 million if he had made payments of $18,000 per month from 2008 to 2016—and there are still many years of payments to make.

Although it’s unclear what the final child support ruling was, Travis made the case that his ex-wife was overspending—on herself, not necessarily the children, which would make sense if it were true.

Shanna retaliated, claiming that Travis didn’t care about his children enough since he was attempting to bankrupt their mother. But given Shanna Moakler’s current net worth, it doesn’t appear as though her ex’s reduced child support payments had any effect on her finances.

Although Shanna has acted in the past and appeared on reality TV shows, as of April 2023, she had no further acting credits to her name. Her most recent significant undertaking was Celebrity Big Brother in 2022, which had 11 episodes.

But it doesn’t mean Shanna isn’t employed. She supposedly started her OnlyFans account in 2021. As of 2023, OnlyFans memberships cost $18 a month and are offered by the self-described TV personality/host, Former Miss USA, and Executive Director Miss NV/Utah USA.

It appears Shanna remains active with her updates to her fan base given that her subscribers may access approximately 200 of her posts. The OF account shows “so much more to me that I don’t share anywhere else,” according to a clue in her profile.

Although Shanna’s earnings from OnlyFans are currently unknown, they may be in the tens of thousands of dollars per month. In either case, it seems to be enough to support her way of life while allowing her to spend time with her two teenagers and adult daughter.

When Travis Barker’s youngest kid turns 18 in December 2023, his duty to pay child support will end. Although he may have added a few million dollars to Shanna’s net worth over the years, she has also made some money on her own, and $15M is not a small sum.

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