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Suspicious Fans Think Kris Jenner Founded A Church For Dishonest Reasons

Kris Jenner
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The Kardashian-Jenner family’s famous momager Kris Jenner is renowned for making everyone laugh on the family’s popular reality TV shows, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and their most recent series, The Kardashians. But the family’s achievements are not limited to these shows.

Along with managing her daughters’ and sons’ lives and working hard on several business ventures, the momager is also seen on screen working hard on one other project that many people may not be aware of. A few years ago, Kris started her own church, but not everything is as it appears.

In 2009, Kris established the California Community Church. Brad Johnson serves as the church’s senior pastor. It was formerly known as the Life Change Church. He is a friend of the Kardashians’ family, and fans of KUWTK may recall him from officiating Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s wedding.

Some people might find it surprising that Kris started her own church, but the family has a long history of involvement with religion and can frequently be seen praying on their shows and posting about it on social media.

The church’s website makes it clear that anyone who wants to join doesn’t need to have their life together and states that they welcome people who are “messy,” with a strong emphasis on the fact that they are all about finding redemption for past (or present) mistakes.

Given that Kris started her own church about 15 years ago, one would assume that the Kardashians would choose to go to her church when deciding which church to attend. However, they have previously been observed attending Hillsong Church, a Los Angeles-based church, as well as Kanye West’s Sunday services.

Given this, it’s unclear whether the Kardashians attend any other churches in particular or even whether any of them go to Kris’ church (or any other church) at all. But given that, a lot of them have discussed their religious beliefs, it’s likely that they will occasionally or regularly attend some kind of church.

The major problem that a lot of people seem to have with Kris starting her own church is that there has been some doubt cast on the veracity of her church throughout the years. The big worry here is if Kris decided to start her own church so she could deduct it from her taxes.

Within the church, there is a ritual known as “tithing,” where one is expected to return 10% of their income to the church. This raised a lot of questions about Kris because it is well known that she takes 10% of all of her children’s income, and many people felt this to be an absurd coincidence in light of the fact that she founded her own religion.

Given that many managers frequently take roughly 10% of their clients’ gains, there may not seem to be any need for anybody to be dubious at this point. Radar Online said that the California Community Church was embroiled in a tax issue as a result of its initial failure to pay any taxes.

As it is well known that churches are exempt from paying federal, state, and local taxes, some people may be perplexed as to why this was a tax scandal given that Kris’ church did not pay any taxes. However, churches are required to pay taxes on their payroll expenses, which appears to be what Kris failed to do in this case. That sounds like something a savvy businesswoman like Kris wouldn’t do!

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