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‘Kate Middleton’s skills no match for Meghan Markle’s unattainable talent’

Kate Middleton has been getting compared to Meghan Markle ever since the latter entered the picture.

Royal commentators are weighing the two against one another once again, claiming the Duchess of Cambridge lacks the skills levels that her sister-in-law possesses.

Hosts of Royally Obsessed podcast, Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie dissected the two royal wives and their capabilities.

Fiorito said: “They asked who had been the greatest support during the pandemic, and Kate wrote, in distinct handwriting, ‘William’. I actually liked that her script wasn’t that perfect.”

“It was so swoopy, and still felt very elegant to me. I always think about Meghan and her calligraphy.”

“That feels very unattainable. She definitely took lessons and practiced a lot. It’s something I obviously would love to do in my free time. Something that I like about Kate’s is that it’s not that great,” she went on to say.

Bowie chimed in, saying: “It’s like cursive and all but not perfect. There are definitely handwriting experts that could tell a lot about someone from their writing. I would love to see what they say about Kate’s.”

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