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When Selena Gomez Was Made To Apologise By Hindu Leaders For Wearing A Bindi

Remember Selena Gomez’s famous song Come And Get It? Well, we all loved it, didn’t we? The song had a touch of Indian classical music at the beginning. Maybe that is why the singer chose to wear a bindi, which signifies Hindu culture, during one of her live performances. But did you know she had to apologise for the same?

The Hindu leaders branded Selena’s appearance during her Come And Get It song ‘insensitive’ and have urged her not to repeat it. At that time, the singer was planning for an upcoming world tour but could not keep her bindi game on.

Hindu statesman, Rajan Zed, said that the bindi on the forehead is an ancient tradition in Hinduism and has religious significance. He added that Selena Gomez should apologise, and then she should get acquainted with world religions’ basics.

The singer also came under fire for her alleged culturally insensitive performance at the awards ceremony on Sunday from her Twitter followers. In a post, one fan wrote: “Deal (sic) Selena Gomez the bindi is not just some fashion accessory you can throw on, cultural appropriation man.”

Another said: “Selena, take that bindi of (sic) your head; cultural appropriation is not cute.” A third follower said: “Cultural Appropriation At It’s Finest, My Respect For Selena Is Fading As We Speak.” A fourth viewer tweeted: ” Hi, leave Bindis for Indian women.”

So for people who are wondering what the problem with a Western pop star wearing a bindi is? In a nutshell, Selena Gomez appropriates a religious symbol from another culture and uses it as a fashion statement without any apparent understanding of its meaning. This has hurt the Indian sentiments.

We’re guessing that Selena didn’t look at articles like these before pasting on that bindi. Anyway, what do you have to say about this entire controversy?

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