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Princess Diana did this food, diet trend before it became a ‘trend’

Darren McGrady was a personal chef to Queen Elizabeth before working for Princess Diana.

Princess Diana suffered from bulimia in the course of her marriage to Prince Charles. But, she was able to move on from her eating disorder and embarked on a much healthier lifestyle.

Darren McGrady, who worked for Queen Elizabeth and the Princess of Wales, later on, revealed some of the eating habits and diets of the British Royals. In one of his interviews, he shared that the late royal followed a food trend before it became a staple, according to Cheat Sheet.

Princess Diana became into “juicing”

Speaking to USA Today, the former royal chef revealed that Princess Diana became very interested in juicing. She reportedly got him to buy a juicer and use one in the kitchen.

He said that the late royal came to him and told him about her need to have a juicer. The princess allegedly noted that she wanted to “start having fresh juices” in her day-to-day meals.

Following the conversation, Darren McGrady immediately went to Selfridges to get a juicer. He then started making healthy juices with celery, carrots, spinach, and parsley for the Princess of Wales.

Darren McGrady opens up about bulimia

Apart from Princess Diana’s interest in juicing, Darren McGrady also once talked about the late royal’s eating disorder. In an exclusive interview with Hello!, he opened up about his observations amid the time when the princess was suffering from bulimia.

The former royal chef said that he used to question the princess’s eating habits. However, he thought that it was not his place to open his mouth and say anything.

He, then, recalled one of the incidents wherein he received a call from the Princess of Wales. He claimed that the royal was asking him to prepare “certain foods” for her arrival.

McGrady noted that he knew “something was not right.” But, despite this, he admitted that he did not know or understand what bulimia was.

A change in her diet and lifestyle

After years of living with an eating disorder, though, Princess Diana “got back on track” with her life. The same former royal chef revealed that when they moved to Kensington Palace, the late royal changed and became a “healthy eater.”

For breakfast, he would reportedly prepare her an Egg Suzette. It featured spinach, egg, potato, and hollandaise sauce.

As for her lunch, one of her favorite meals was stuffed bell peppers. The stuffing would include mushroom, rice, courgette, Parmesan, and mozzarella. For dinner, reports said that her go-to was the Ukrainian beetroot soup.

Darren McGrady also noted that Princess Diana was fond of fish or vegetarian options. She never ate much red meat, like beef and pork, he stated.

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