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Piers Morgan criticizes Sam Smith’s latex Brit Awards dress as “over-thirsty for attention”

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Piers Morgan took a savage dig at Sam Smith when criticizing their bold outfit choice for the Brit Awards 2023. The former Good Morning Britain host called the Unholy singer “over-thirsty for publicity” in front of his 8.3 million Twitter followers.

Piers shared a photo of Sam in their black latex inflatable jumpsuit as they walked the red carpet at the Brit Awards earlier this evening. The broadcaster captioned the shot: “Methinks ‘they’ are getting a teeny weeny bit over-thirsty for attention #BRITs.”

Piers’ incendiary remark sparked debate, with other social media users responding in the tweet’s comment box with mixed feelings. Some criticized the TV star for trying to “take someone’s identity away” by adding quotation marks around Sam’s pronoun according to the Express.co.uk

SephtonMark agreed: “What a ghastly outfit.” RealSarahIdan added: “I guess it’s annoying for those sitting close or standing nearby they have to be careful.” (sic) Jimmyrajackson argued: “It’s just pop @piersmorgan – it’s supposed to be fun, stupid, and outrageous.”

RosieWeir94 typed: “Methinks putting they in quotes is a disgusting attempt to take someone’s identity away. “They are pop stars, almost every pop star dresses more extravagantly. “You wouldn’t complain about a cis person doing it, so why is a nonbinary person unworthy of respect to you?”. Piers has already criticized Sam in a recent column in which he slammed the Grammy Awards 2023.

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During the event, Sam was joined by transgender Kim Petras, who performed their award-winning track, Unholy, in front of a star-studded crowd. Other celebrities who attended the Los Angeles event on Sunday night were Lizzo, Adele, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, and Beyonce, who now has a record-breaking 32 Grammy awards.

But it was the Stay With Me hitmaker’s performance that drew Piers’ notice, and he wasn’t shy about criticizing him. Viewers saw Sam wear satanic attire and appear to be worshipped throughout their performance. Writing in the New York Post, Piers fumed: “What’s the best way to p*** off half of America in less than five minutes?

“It would be hard to beat what the Grammys did last night when they had pigtailed, filler-face-plumped Madonna introduces non-binary singer Sam Smith.” Piers vented that the singer “who first came out as gay, then gender-fluid, and now demands to be called ‘they'”, was dressed as Satan during his performance wearing an all-red outfit with devil horns.

Before Sam took to the stage, Madonna said: “If they call you shocking, scandalous, troublesome, problem, provocative or dangerous, you are definitely on to something.” Piers continued: “What if they — OK, me — just call you, Madonna, a toe-curling, embarrassing shambles of a once-great pop star, now best suited for annual appearances on Halloween?

“And what if they — OK, me again — think Sam ‘Satan’ Smith’s desperation for attention is now fueled by a demented desire to be just as pathetically vulgar and repellent as the aging disgracefully Material Girl?”

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