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King’s Coronation role for Prince George sparks ‘argument’ between William and Kate

Prince George and Kate
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According to rumors, Prince George’s parents have had a “bit of a fight” over their son’s participation in King Charles’ coronation. On the day their grandpa is formally crowned, the Prince and Princess of Wales’s eldest son are anticipated to be on display alongside his siblings. But as the Mirror reports, it has caused William and Kate to worry about the demands placed on the child.

Tom Quinn, a royal commentator, told the Express that he believes there has been “a little bit of a dispute” going on behind the scenes over the specific role the nine-year-old would play on May 6 at the Westminster Abbey event as his parents consider if it is too much responsibility for him.

Gilded Youth’s author, who just published a book, stated: “My connections have told me that there is some debate going on over whether George should have a more official position. According to what I’ve heard, Kate and William are concerned that he won’t be able to handle it.”

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According to Mr. Quinn, George’s part won’t be “too conspicuous” and will maintain the methodical manner in which he and his siblings have gradually been exposed to the public over the years.

On reservations about the position, he continued: “It somewhat reminds me of how William and Harry were often forced to go to formal events that they shouldn’t have been forced to go to, most notably the burial of their mother, which they walked behind at such a young age.

“Many people criticized that, saying it was terrible to force two boys so young to do it, especially Harry. Some may be questioning, “But wait a minute, is that going too far back to the old roles if George is some type of a pageboy or has a similar duty at the Coronation?,” after recalling this, according to the author.

Five of Camilla Parker Bowles’ grandkids will take part in the coronation, according to earlier reports. But since they are “too young,” Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, children of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, won’t be.

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