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Here’s The Reason Why Kate Middleton Was Reportedly ‘Angry’ With Queen Camilla And ‘Refused’ To Curtsy To Her At The Coronation

Kate Middleton
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Kate Middleton made a stunning appearance at King Charles’ coronation, donning an exquisite white Alexander McQueen dress and royal regalia. However, reports suggest that she didn’t comply with all the wishes of the new monarch and queen, causing quite a stir.

Surprisingly, the Princess of Wales, known for her composure, apparently refused to curtsy to Queen Camilla as she exited Westminster Abbey. The reason behind her unusual defiance? According to Royal reporter Tom Bower, it stemmed from an alleged dispute over the guest list.

Rumors have already circulated that Kate was upset about Rose Hanbury, her former friend rumored to have had an affair with Prince William, being invited to and attending the coronation. But there’s more to the story.

Bower, who appeared on Dan Wootton Tonight, revealed that Camilla had 20 of her own family members on the guest list, while Kate was not allowed to invite her sister Pippa Middleton or her brother James Middleton’s partners. This discrepancy in treatment seemed to have fueled Kate’s resentment, which became apparent at the coronation.

“When the King and Queen left the thrones and made their way out of Westminster Abbey, you’ll notice that everyone bowed and curtsied to the King, but no one moved a muscle when Camilla passed,” explained Bower. “That’s because they were angry with Camilla.” It all starts to make sense now.

Kate wasn’t the only one harboring anger toward Camilla. According to the New York Post, many of the individuals who played a role in transforming Camilla’s image from mistress to new Queen were also left off the historic event’s guest list. Naturally, they were “furious” about the exclusion.

“All the people who helped Camilla ascend to the throne were excluded from the coronation, and they were furious,” Bower added. “Kate and William were angry as well. This anger was palpable among those gathered near the throne at the center of Westminster Abbey. And at that moment, it was noticeable to those who had been excluded that nobody, including Kate, curtsied to Queen Camilla.”

Prince William also seemingly snubbed his stepmother during the coronation concert the following day, omitting any mention of her in his speech. “What was even more noticeable was that at the Windsor concert the next day, William made no reference to Queen Camilla in his speech. So there is tension there,” revealed Bower, who also noted that Camilla is currently “exhausted” by the ongoing situation.

“The issue with Camilla is that she’s currently exhausted,” he stated. “Those who met her in the weeks leading up to the coronation observed a tired and worn-out woman showing signs of age. She’s clearly fatigued by the whole ordeal.”

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