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Kate Middleton Pregnant With Prince William’s Fourth Child?

Kate Middleton

We already know about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry awaiting the birth of their second baby. Find out below which royal family resident faces allegations that she’s expecting her fourth child!

Kate Middleton and Prince William already have three beautiful children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

But royal family news, as well as celebrity rumors, make for gotta-buy-that-magazine headlines. As a result, the tabloids repeatedly have published stories claiming that various members of the royal family are expecting a new baby.

The newest possibly pregnant princess? Kate Middleton. About this same time last year, tabloids headlined stories announcing that Middleton and Prince William were looking forward to the arrival of their fourth child, pointed out Gossip Cop.

Stories at the time claimed that the mom of George, Charlotte, and Louis was rejoicing with her husband William. One headline even concocted the gender of the baby, writing, “Kate & Wills’ Baby Joy, A Sister For Charlotte.”

A supposed royal family insider offered some insights, based on the lock-down required by the pandemic.

“I’ve thought for some time Kate wants a fourth child and I think this lockdown has increased the chances of that happening,” claimed the insider. “I’ve always thought the lockdown will result in a baby boom so it wouldn’t surprise me if the Cambridges join the club.”

Surprise! The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge did not “join” the supposed pregnancy club. As to now?

Do Kate Middleton And Prince William Want A Fourth Child?

However, although last year’s report turned out to be fake, there is a possibility that Kate and William could get pregnant in the near future.

In February 2021, an insider told Us Weekly that Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate had decided to wait a few months. The reason? Kate wanted to wait until the two older children returned to school.

“Having four children was always part of Kate’s plan,” explained the royal family source. “She put the idea on hold when [the coronavirus pandemic] hit, but now there is light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine and [Prince George and Princess Charlotte] scheduled to return to school in April. She feels ready to start trying again.”

Middleton now has only her youngest son, Prince Louis, to manage with the older kids off to school. The insider revealed that Kate has felt “broody” ever since her sister Pippa Middleton announced her pregnancy late last year.

In addition, the royal family source claims that Kate has focused on following a “nutrient-rich” diet to ensure a healthy pregnancy. But what of Prince William?

“It took a while for Kate to convince William, though,” admitted the insider. “He said that three children is more than enough. The thought of having four made him feel overwhelmed. … But Kate’s desires to have another child have inspired him, and at the end of the day, he loves and appreciates the secure family setting he never had growing up. Why not make it bigger? After taking some time to think about it, he’s on the same page and is excited about the future.”

As for informing outsiders, Kate and William chose a very special person in whom to confide. Still mourning the recent death of her husband, Queen Elizabeth felt “overjoyed” at the news, revealed the insider.

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