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Kate Middleton’s Coronation Outfit Is ‘Under Discussion’ Amid Fears That She May Outshine King Charles III

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Before the coronation, Kate Middleton may have to make a difficult fashion choice. The princess may decide not to attend the coronation of her father-in-law, King Charles III, on May 6, according to reports. Charles appears to be concerned that Kate might surpass him at his own coronation. Members of the royal family have consistently worn their most exquisite gowns and jewelry, including tiaras, during prior coronations.

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King Charles III is concerned that Kate Middleton will outshine him by wearing a tiara at the coronation.

Since the ceremony is in less than a month, the royal family has a limited amount of time to choose the ideal coronation attire. King Charles and Queen Camilla will be crowned at the Westminster Abbey ceremony. There are rumors that discussions about the Princess of Wales’ attire for the major event are still going on.

King Charles’ coronation will be a toned-down replica of his mother’s in 1953, as has long been noted. The King is worried that his family will overshadow him at the coronation and wants them to wear less gear. Even the possibility of Kate and Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, forgoing their traditional tiaras has been floated.

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Therefore, Kate can defy convention and wear a less ostentatious accessory instead of her tiara for the historic event. According to a reputable royal jewelry blogger, a daytime formal dress code might be established, in which case hats would take the place of tiaras. The majority of royal ladies and many aristocratic women wore tiaras to the Queen’s coronation in 1953, but times have changed significantly in the last 70 years, according to Lauren Kiehna, blogger for The Court Jeweller. Additionally, Kate has previously sported several incredibly chic hats, including one that she “copied” from Meghan Markle.

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I really hope we’ll see coronation tiaras, but it’s possible that Charles is setting a midday formal dress code for the occasion, similar to some of his European predecessors, such as the King of the Netherlands. That would imply that tiaras would not be there, but we could still see some magnificent jewels, such as necklaces, brooches, and earrings. If that’s the case, it will make me sad, but it might just be another instance of the British royal world’s recent “de-formalization.”

On the day of their coronation, the King and Queen will, however, unquestionably don sparkling crowns. It was earlier in 2023 stated that Camilla would wear the contentious Queen Mary’s Crown on Charles’ special day. A current crown will reportedly be used for the Coronation of a Queen Consort for the first time in recent memory. A new crown had previously been created for the event. The royal family’s attire for the coronation is something we are eager to see!

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