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Prince Harry’s three ‘giveaway signals’ reveal true feelings about eviction, claims expert

Prince Harry playing the victim card’

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, had said that Frogmore Cottage would continue to serve as their home base after relocating to the States. The Palace has revealed that the Royal Family has been asked to leave the residence, but they had other ideas.

The couple was photographed visiting the San Vicente Bungalows in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, just after the eviction news broke. Body language specialist Judi James was able to recognize some of the couple’s possible emotions and patterns of behavior related to the eviction by analyzing the video of the couple’s looks.

Ms. James highlights certain body language clues that Harry and Meghan displayed as they entered the opulent £3,500-per-year exclusive club that indicate a desire to conceal or protect themselves. In response to hearing about the eviction, the expert claimed that Harry showed three signs that indicate a desire to run away or defend himself.

The first was the turned-up collar on his jacket. This, in Ms. James’ opinion, suggests a desire to defend his neck or conceal his face. Second, Prince Harry seems to be adjusting his apparel and rising his jeans. According to the expert, this is a self-soothing motion that denotes worry or pain according to the Mirror.

The fact that Harry presses his left hand into his pants pockets so firmly that the knuckles turn white is another self-soothing action, in Ms. James’ opinion, that shows nervousness or discomfort. These indications, according to Ms. James, also show that Harry may be feeling uneasy or anxious as a result of the eviction news. They also suggest that he may be feeling vulnerable and wish to protect himself from the circumstance.


He jumps around, gathering his flock like a sheepdog, and ushering them inside the venue, which implies some anxiousness and a need to protect, according to Ms. James. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s grins and laughter in response to the eviction news were “calculated projections” rather than genuine reactions of joy.

These smiles appear to be “over-kill rituals rather than grins driven by true enjoyment,” according to the body language specialist. According to the expert, Harry’s signals point to underlying strain, whilst Meghan’s signals show that she is in a “vulnerable” phase.

Finally, the expert claimed that Harry and Meghan’s body language shows a conscious effort to put on a “play” in response to the eviction news. She argues that even if Harry and Meghan may be wealthy and well-known, getting an eviction notice would still be upsetting, and she asserted that their grins and laughter don’t seem to be real signs of joy.

When your parents redecorate your bedroom after you first move out, it can be a difficult decision, so an eviction notice must hurt, no matter how wealthy, well-known, or mature you are, Ms. James said.

“Harry and Meghan’s response here seems to be an intentional projection of non-verbal shrugging,'” or, in the case of their exuberant smiles and laughter in the wake of the recent Frogmore news. Despite their efforts to downplay the circumstance, their underlying signals appear to reflect a more exposed and anxious state.

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