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Duke & Duchess of Sussex are in a problem as an expert advises them to ‘showcase family life’: “Are their reputations repairable”

Duke of Sussex

Prince Harry Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle might be rescued out of a “difficult spot”, an expert has advised. According to an expert, the Sussexes’ family life with youngsters Archie and Lilibet might be the key to their repairing their reputations.

According to a public relations and crisis management specialist, Meghan and Harry are in a “difficult spot” right now. Burr Media’s Anthony Burr made the remark when speaking with ED!. “It’s not looking good for the Sussexes. If they were politicians checking on their polling and rating at this juncture then they would throw in the towel for sure,” he said.

He went on to suggest that South Park and Chris Rock had recently made a “mockery” of them. He argues that these two moments have turned some people against them. “The Sussexes have placed themselves in a difficult spot,” he then claimed. Anthony then went on to explain why they were in such a mess.

“They continually pillory everything the Royal Family stands for – yet still use their titles to network and curry favor,” he said. I would like to see them becoming more relatable as a young modern family with two beautiful children. “They demand privacy – yet not a day passes when they make a new announcement which garners more exposure and plant seeds for further news coverage,” he then continued.

Duke of Sussex

“Are their reputations repairable? Yes, but they need a change of strategy and fast.” Anthony went on to add that the Sussexes should stop taking shots at the Royal Family from the other side of the pond. He also said that Harry’s latest book contains stuff that has not been warmly received by audiences.

Anthony then went on to suggest many strategies for the Sussexes to restore their reputation. “I have said before that they need to find their North Star as a strategy and be guided by it. I would like to see them becoming more relatable as a young modern family with two beautiful children,” he said.

“Harry’s mother, Diana did that so well. She took Harry and William on adventures and theme parks and carefully selected which events the Press should and should not see,” he then continued.

“Harry and Meghan now have social media and should use this as a positive outlet to showcase their family life.” He also advised the royal couple to give up their crowns and reconcile with The Firm.

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