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Angelina Jolie Felt ‘Broken’ After Divorce with Brad Pitt Because of ‘Human Rights

American actress Angelina Jolie, talking about the rights of children, admitted that she feared for the lives of her own children during the divorce process with actor Brad Pitt in April 2019.

As the media wrote, the couple quarreled on board the plane, where Pitt allegedly insulted and hit their adopted son Maddox. The couple raised six children – three relatives and three adopted ones.

Presenting the book “Know your Rights” to the public, written together with a child rights lawyer, Jolie said she decided to take up the material after communicating with children who have faced violations of their rights, for example, with victims of rape.

In a conversation with journalists, the Hollywood star also mentioned the incident with her own children, where they also talked about “human rights.”

“I am still in my legal situation. I can’t talk about it,” Jolie stressed.

Journalists asked her if she meant her divorce from Brad Pitt when she had previously accused him of hitting one of the children on board a private plane.

In response, Angelina said that she had promised to keep a secret but then nodded in confirmation.

“It took me a lot of effort to feel that I should break up with the father of my children,” the actress said.

When asked by journalists whether the star was afraid for the safety of her children, Angelina answered in the affirmative.

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