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Why Prince William Called His Mother Princess Diana the ‘Most Selfish Woman He Ever Met’

Prince William and Princess Diana shared quite a close relationship before the late royal’s life was cut short in the tragic accident.

However, there was one instance that the Princess of Wales had recalled about her eldest son which left her utterly wounded.

In Andrew Morton’s book, Diana: Her True Story, she recalled how three-year-old William had called her ‘the most selfish woman he had met’ because he heard Prince Charles say the same to his mother.

“Once, William and I were in the swimming pool at Highgrove. And William turned around to me and said: ‘You’re the most selfish woman I’ve ever met. All you do is think of yourself.’”

“I was so stunned. I mean, this is (in 1985, when William was 3 years old). I said: ‘Where did you hear that?’” To which the young prince replied, “Oh, I’ve often heard Papa saying it,” she said.

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