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Whoopi Goldberg responds as Joy Behar says she was ‘happy’ to be fired from The View: “It’s okay”


Joy Behar’s resurfaced confession that she was “happy” to be removed from The View in 2013 elicited a hilarious reaction from Whoopi Goldberg. Behar one of the original View cohosts who helped Barbara Walters start the show in 1997 reviewed a 2022 interview with Time magazine in which she expressed gratitude for her dismissal from the talk-show panel.

“I always have friends where I work, and if I don’t have friends at the job, I will not keep the job,” she explained. “So, when I was fired last time from this show, people say to me, ‘Were you okay with that?’ and my answer is, I was happy because all my friends had left already. So, there was no reason to stay anymore. I mean it.”

Goldberg, who was a permanent member of The View at the time Behar left, quickly asked, “Really? All your friends left?” as the audience gasped. The Oscar winner then appeared to cry by feigning a quivering lip. “It’s okay, I’m cool,” she joked.

“You had just come on, and my backstage friends had left. And I don’t like to work when I don’t have friends,” Behar clarified, with Goldberg later adding that they had “been friends for a long time” and that she was only “teasing” her pal.

Long before Behar’s original exit from The View in August 2013, Goldberg and Behar had led the show together. The show’s 80-year-old cohost returned in 2015 after hosting two solo talk shows on various networks: The Joy Behar Show from 2009 to 2011, and Joy Behar: Say Anything! in 2012.

Behar’s opinions regularly stir up conservative viewers, but she swore on Monday’s live show that she’s not leaving anytime soon. “Joe Biden and I are the same age. Would you say I could not do my job for the next four years? Of course, I can,” Behar said as the audience applauded. “And the haters can go stick their heads in something because I’m not moving out of this seat.”

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