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Wendy Williams leaves her NYC penthouse as her career and financial difficulties worsen; Source

Props from The Wendy Williams Show
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Wendy Williams has apparently been “sad and lonely” since moving to New York City since she spends all of her time caged up in her Manhattan penthouse. OK! found that, in addition to her ongoing health issues and financial problems, Williams no longer sees any of her friends.

“When she reaches out, she acts as if we were out to dinner last week,” a friend of the embattled celebrity recently alleged after the death of her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, and her October return from a Malibu rehab clinic for serious alcohol addiction.

“She’s been calling people saying like ‘Hey, let’s have dinner,’ but she’s acting like all this time hasn’t passed,” they added, “It’s this out-of-the-blue call with no update on how she’s doing or anything.”

Meanwhile, when Williams does speak with people, she appears to be only concerned with her love life and never discusses any upcoming projects she is supposed to be working on — despite earlier teasing her highly awaited podcast, “The Wendy Experience,” which will premiere in November 2022.

“When you finally do get her to give you an update about how she’s been, she goes off into these tangents about being single, looking for love, and all this other stuff,” another friend spilled, pointing out that the current single celeb is obsessed with her love life — or lack thereof.

Aside from her friends’ rising concern, Williams’ fans have been concerned about her health since she first stepped down from her famous talk show in September 2021 due to a series of ongoing health issues. Williams appears to have gotten worse in the months following, with her most recent public appearance causing worry as she was seen struggling to walk during her first public appearance since her rehab stint.

The former daytime diva appeared a little wobbly as she made her way to her car for the WBLS’ annual Circle of Sisters event in November, forcing her to grab the arm of a friend who led her into an awaiting vehicle.

In terms of her legal issues, guardianship specialist and lawyer Sabrina Morrissey took control of her assets and estate in May 2022, months after Wells Fargo froze her accounts, citing concerns that she was being financially exploited.

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