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Woman whose parent to a 17-year-old is constantly being judged by strangers: ‘I am so proud of you’

Credit: TikTok/Hunterenelson

A 23-year-old mother of a 17-year-old has received some notice on TikTok. Hunter Nelson, who goes by the handle @hunterenelson on TikTok, has over 156,000 followers and regularly records her experience as a parental figure. She added that after their father died in 2015, she was given legal custody of her half-sister, and her mother died a few months ago.

She added that she could have sent her half-sister to ‘foster care’ but instead promised to keep her ‘safe, happy and have all her needs and wants to be met’. Hunter stated in 2021 that she is frequently dismissed by parents and teachers due to her age. She added: “No other parents or staff members at her [high school] are gonna take me seriously.

“I can already feel people asking me what grade I’m in when I go to her events.” But Hunter has tried her best to introduce structure to her sister’s life by giving her rules, where she says she ‘can’t lie, smoke, drink or vape’. “The rest of the things are just expectations I have for her. I expect she keeps her room clean and helps me clean the bathroom,” she added.


it actually was like that… i wouldve been concerned too 😅

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“I expect she makes good grades. I expect her to communicate with me.” Many others praised the TikTok user on her decision. One mother commented: “Hunter, you are so wise beyond your years. You said that perfectly. As a mom. “Ur doing an amazing job! I’m sorry but a teen is going to be upset if u take them away from what they know! U did the right thing!” another viewer said.

While someone else said: “She is far wiser than her naysayers! Many siblings are having to care for their younger siblings these days! She’s an inspiration to us all.” However, some people have accused her of using her story as ‘clickbait’, with one writing: “The hell is wrong with you.”

Another said: “Yeah the hell is wrong with you, can you not have kids or do you just want the extra income from adoption.” “Tf? You could have just gotten a roommate” someone else said. However, her half-sister defended her by giving it back to the trolls, saying in a video: “My orphanism is not clickbait it’s so real I don’t know what to say.”

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