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Queen Camilla’s Changing Titles: From Consort to Dowager


In a relatively short period of time, Queen Camilla experienced various shifts in her title. Initially known as Duchess Camilla as the wife of Prince Charles, she later assumed the title of Queen Consort Camilla after the passing of Queen Elizabeth.

The emphasis on “consort” was likely to honor Queen Elizabeth and clarify that she held no sovereign power. However, the use of the term “consort” has now been dropped, and she is officially referred to as Queen Camilla. It is worth noting that this title may change if Camilla outlives her husband, King Charles.

When Prince William ascends to the throne, his wife Kate Middleton will assume the role of Queen Consort, potentially adopting the titles Queen Kate or Queen Catherine, depending on the desired formality. So, what does this mean for Queen Camilla?

According to The Mirror, she will be officially recognized as the Queen Dowager. The title of Queen Dowager is bestowed upon the widow of a king. If Camilla assumes the position of Queen Dowager, she will retain the significance and privileges associated with her previous role as consort, albeit without the specific title.

She will likely be addressed as “The Queen Dowager,” similar to how Queen Elizabeth’s mother was referred to as “The Queen Mother.” It is important to note that Camilla will not be referred to as “Queen Mother” since she is not the biological mother of the future monarch of England.

The last queen to hold the title of Queen Dowager was Queen Adelaide, the wife of King William IV, who used the title after her husband’s passing in 1837, as Queen Victoria ascended the throne. Just a bit of historical context for those curious minds!

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