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David Beckham – Football Superstar and Media Celebrity

David Beckham Football Superstar

David Beckham Football SuperstarThe name of David Beckham is synonymous to star-quality. He is a legendary football player who gained his fame from superior game play and qualities that he acquired from an early age. Now idolized by millions, David Beckham has looks, family, wealth, and skills!

Born in 1975, David Beckham was brought up in London, England by his parents. From an early age, David Beckham had a passion for football – specifically Manchester United. David Beckham has been associated with several junior local leagues while growing up until he was finally signed by Manchester United youth training scheme in 1991.

For the next few years, Beckham’s dormant abilities gave him rise to fame and he was made a part of premier league Manchester United in 1995. David Beckham showed promise as right-side midfielder and consistently kept his eyes on the prize. He was being recognized for his star-quality and he started earning endorsements and media attention by the end of 1990’s.

Around that time, David Beckham’s much-hyped marriage to ex-Spice Girls member Victoria garnered him even more praise…and envy. David Beckham kept his engagements with the “entertainment” world parallel with those of his sports status. However, he did get criticized for straying away from his core game play.

As a result, in Summer 2003, David Beckham left Manchester United for Spanish champions Real Madrid. After a string of success in field and family-life, David extended his legacy to football academies he established in England and USA. He is rated to world’s most famous and most successful footballer, who earns from his work commitments, modeling contracts, business lines and shared wealth of his wife’s.

The skills and fame of Beckham cannot be justified in few words. He had witnessed downfalls in his career as well. For instance, when his relationship with coach Ferguson deteriorated and when he left captaincy of Britain’s football team, etc. However, David Beckham always struck back with his dazzling style and impressive capabilities.

Currently, David Beckham resides in Beverly Hills, USA with his wife Victoria and four children. His family is fast friends with Hollywood royalty Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

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