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MJ’s Kid said album ‘Michael’ did not have MJ’s Voice

Michael Jackson Kids

Michael Jackson KidsMichael Jackson’s daughter Paris made a superbomb announcement to her friends about the MJ album which was released after Michael’s death as a tribute to the legend. She said that the album did not contain Michael Jackson’s real voice. Paris said all of this to a bunch of friends on video chat back in 2008 which was just before this album was released. The video was recorded and later found on the internet as well.

Paris made certain announcements that the MJ’s parts in the album Michael were recorded by Michael’s sound alike called Jason Malachi. The video with Paris and her friends includes chats like why does this song not sound like Michael Jackson? And Paris also said that she would know if it was MJ or not because he would sing songs to her all the time.

Both Jason and Sony have denied allegations.

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