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Donald Trump’s alleged final ‘petty’ act against Joe Biden revealed

Donald Trump accused of making a vindictive move to spite Joe Biden hours before he moved into the White House.

Donald Trump left the White House on the day of President Joe Biden’s inauguration. The former POTUS did not attend the event and allegedly didn’t make the transition smooth because he fired the chief usher so that no one would help the Bidens during their arrival.

Donald Trump fired former chief usher

Former President Donald Trump fired the White House chief usher before President Joe Biden took office. There were rumors that Trump did it to spite Biden for the last time.

Former first lady Melania Trump was the one who hired Timothy Harleth from the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. in 2017 to serve as their chief usher. Harleth replaced the previous chief usher, Angella Reid, The New York Times reported.

Many slammed Trump for his move because there was no one who welcomed the Biden during the arrival. The White House chief usher is in charge of the first family’s residence, budget, and personal issues. 

Joe and Jill Biden stood for a couple of seconds at the White House doors, which were typically opened by Marine guards. Since no one was there, the POTUS and FLOTUS pushed the door to enter the premises.

Twitter reacts to chief usher’s firing

Donald Trump fired Harleth just half an hour before Biden was sworn in as president. Many felt that the move was vindictive, and they speculated it was his way to spite the Bidens. Several netizens also called the move “petty” and “vindictive.”

“Donald Trump’s final ‘petty’ act as US President to spite Joe Biden and wife Jill. A petty individual!!!  

The wife is wearing a nice tablecloth,” one netizen wrote criticizing Melania Trump’s Gucci outfit when they landed in Florida on the same day as Biden’s inauguration.

Another slammed the ex-POTUS’ maturity, comparing it to someone who never grew beyond age 10. A different netizen wasn’t surprised and asked the rest of the netizens what else they expected from Trump, who, for her, hasn’t done the right thing.

“Classless to the core. They deserve each other & we didn’t deserve them. Thank God they are out of Our House,” another wrote, expressing her joy that the Trumps are finally out of office.

However, others also defended Trump. One questioned the report claiming it was spite for Biden because the National Journal reported that it was Biden who did the firing through his counsel.

The Bidens communicated to the White House counsel and said they would bring their own chief usher, a person familiar with the process told The Times.

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