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Former Secret Service agent declares that she ‘could do nothing at the former first lady when witnessing racist insults directed

During the course of President Barack Obama and at the White House Evy-Poumpouras worked on the presidential protective division. Throughout her 12 years in the Secret Service, she also works as a protection of George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George H.W. Bush.

Concerning a racialist sign directed at the first lady in her writing record in 2020 by “Becoming Bulletproof,” Evy associates feeling “outraged”.

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Evy Poumpouras wrote: “As the first Black First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Obama had to endure certain kinds of backbiting that none of her forerunners ever faced,”.

“I was on her protective detail when we were driving to a school to deliver a speech; we passed someone on a bridge holding up a shockingly racist sign directed at her.”

She added more to that: “I remember feeling outraged after all, it was part of our job to protect the first family mentally as well as physically. But if the First Lady saw the sign, she did not indicate it,”.

According to an Insider, she told: “I could do nothing,” “There’s freedom of speech in the United States, and even if I feel that speech is wrong, the law doesn’t give me the power to take that person’s speech away.”

However, according to Evy, the organizers of external events were able to remove people who were “heckling” the first family. “I could not step in and say, ‘Hey, don’t say that,'” she told. “But the staff could say, ‘We don’t accept that type of language here. This is our private property. Please leave.’

Only then could someone do something, but as painful as it was, I had to abide by the law”.

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