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Sad Response from Sarah Jessica Parker on family news

Sarah Jessica Parker took to Instagram at the weekend to share a poignant reflection from the early days of her relationship with her husband of 24 years, Matthew Broderick.

The actress and producer posted a photo of a black-and-white border collie beside a heartfelt memorial for the dog, who she revealed used to belong to Matthew.

The star wrote: “She was Sally. A long time ago. She was like an [sic] old-time vaudeville performer. And deeply serious. She could do tricks and flip before catching a frisbee”.

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“Her ears were magnificent when alert. It’s very nice to remember my husband’s 1st dog, just a puppy when we met. She passed many, many years ago. They were very attached. X, SJ.”

Fan added: “Border collies are the BEST,” “She was so adorable,” and: “Oh what a beautiful star in heaven!!! Love u, Sarah.”

Another shared a lovely memory, writing: “I met your husband on the street many, many years ago with that beautiful dog. I didn’t fanboy on Matthew but did a bit on the pup who had great eyes.”

Sarah Jessica posted a few snaps of her son in honor of the occasion, which gave James beat out in his cap and gown.

Captioning the images, Sarah Jessica proudly wrote: “May 27th, 2021. High School Graduation. And all that it means.

“‘Try to be one on whom nothing is lost.’ Henry James as quoted by Ms. Bagby. Yes. That is our fervent hope.”

She concluded by writing: “With all our love to you and the class of 2021. At home and across the land. X, Mama.”

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