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Queen Elizabeth warned monarchy ‘could not survive end of her reign’ without crucial tax

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth see the alarming situation of end the monarchy. Queen had a overseen the future it happened because if she is not to pay a tax.

It is true that British Royal has voluntarily paid both income tax and capital gains tax since 1993, there is one that she is exempted from paying and this is the property tax. This tax also known as inheritance tax. In inheritance tax she cannot sold and converted into private wealth.

Speaking about the matter, journalist David McClure said, “With estate tax later to rise to as high as 40 percent, this was a major concession in every sense.”

According to thenews, one of her biographers said the tax break was “crucial”. “Without it, the Royal Family and their way of life would not survive the end of Elizabeth’s reign.”

At the time she ascended the throne, the Queen was one of only two monarchs in modern British history to be exempt from taxes.

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