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Prince Harry is “Terrified” That the Royal Family Will Spill His “Deepest Secrets”

Prince Harry
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According to Prince Harry, he held the most scandalous facts about his family to himself, telling a journalist that he had enough material for a second book, but he definitely went there when it came to revealing family secrets in his popular memoir, Spare. Now, according to OK, the Duke of Sussex is “terrified” of the royal family leaking his “deepest secrets” in retaliation. What about fair play?

So far, the royal family hasn’t said anything about the numerous allegations dropped in the tell-all, but, according to the outlet, “there have been countless reports about their anger over the situation, and one source says the royal family is so up in arms that they may strike back in retaliation.”

“It wouldn’t surprise Harry if the royals spilled some of his deepest secrets to the media,” the source says, noting also there are staffers of The Firm (the business arm of the institution) who are determined to “discredit Harry at any opportunity, especially now that he’s stood up to them.”

prince harry

The insider adds that there’s “not much he can do about it other than dismiss them as lies. He knows this is classic Palace damage control.” After all, shouldn’t there be no secrets left to disclose after writing a memoir? Isn’t the point of a tell-all to, well, reveal all, even yourself? *Shoulder shrugs*

And, while Harry claims that the most sensational aspects of his family relationships were cut, Spare clearly takes aim at almost every member of his family, including his older brother Prince William. According to royal news writer Hilary Fordwich, the contents of the book were the “final straw” in William’s relationship, and “To Di for Daily,” podcast host Kinsey Schofield claims that William is puzzled by Harry’s actions.

“He [William] is trying to accept the fact that he lost the brother he knew forever,” she says. “This is a heartache that he hasn’t felt since the loss of his mother…only heightened by a sense of betrayal. The Prince of Wales has inherited his father’s temper, so [he] prefers not to dwell on the topic, because it does make him upset.” Upset enough to uncover Harry’s secrets? The only way to know is to wait and see.

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