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Prince Harry Says Dad ‘Never’ Took Him on a Bike Ride – Photos Tell Otherwise

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Prince Charles’ youngest son Harry is signaling to the world that he’s really not happy with many things from his childhood. In a new documentary with Oprah Winfrey on mental health, the Duke of Sussex lamented the royal family’s silence around his mother’s death and “sufferings” his dad apparently failed to protect him from.

Prince Harry’s statements from the controversial Oprah Winfrey interview are raising a new wave of questions about the Sussexes’ “blissful forgetfulness” after photos showing the prince riding on the back of his father’s bike have resurfaced online following his claims he “never” did as a child.

Speaking to Oprah alongside his wife Meghan in the scandalous interview that aired in March, Harry said that he just loves sticking his son Archie “on the back of a bicycle in his little baby seat and taking him on bike rides, which is something I was never able to do when I was young.”

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“I can seat him on the back, and he’s got his arms out, and he’s like, ‘Whoa,’” the prince added.
Some viewers were left puzzled over the claim, with many recalling an old photo showing a young Harry riding with Prince Charles alongside his brother William.

This pic, taken at the Queen’s Sandringham estate in England in 1990, has re-emerged online over the past week, doing the rounds on social media and sparking “ermm” reactions from users, with several calling the duke a “liar” for his faulty statement.

Other resurfaced shots also show Charles pulling Harry in a wagon while on a bike during a trip to Scotland, while another shows the Duke of Sussex posing on a bike next to his family in the Scilly Isles.

These snaps add to a chorus of inconsistencies that have been highlighted following the Sussexes controversial sit-down with Winfrey, including the claim that the two tied the knot three days before their official wedding ceremony at Windsor Castle.

Neither their wedding certificate, nor the Archbishop of Canterbury who signed their wedding certificate, could prove the statement though.

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