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Selena Gomez accuses Justin Bieber of cheating in an Instagram fight: “I’ll make my Instagram private if you don’t stop the hate”


Selena Gomez has accused Justin Bieber of repeatedly cheating on her. It’s difficult to forget Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s infamous 2017 Instagram argument, in which Gomez accused her ex-boyfriend of cheating on her if you were a big fan of the two people, especially their relationship.

Bieber posted several pictures of himself with Sofia Richie, who was rumored to be his girlfriend at the time and was 17 years old, on social media.

For ardent Jelena fans who were still hoping for the two exes to patch things up, the photos weren’t promising.

Gomez made the accusation after “Peaches” singer Bieber responded harshly to criticism left by fans under the photos.

He changed the caption to one of the photos of him and Richie, writing, “I’ll make my Instagram private if you don’t stop the hate. It’s getting out of hand. If you’re really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to the people I love.”

Gomez was drawn to the caption change because it immediately sparked a backlash from his fans.

She responded to Bieber, writing below the post of him and Richie, “If you can’t handle the hate then stop posting pics of your girlfriend lol- This should be special between you two only. Don’t be mad at your fans… They love you and supported you before anyone else.

Fans and Biebers praised Gomez’s response, but the singer found his ex-joke girlfriend to be offensive.

Bieber responded by criticizing his ex-girlfriend and claiming she “used” him for fame.

“Funny to see people who used me for attention and still try to point fingers that way,” he wrote. “Sad. All love.”

In a separate comment, he continued, “I’m not one to receive hate. I hope you all can be kind to my friends and each other. And yes, I love my followers.

Gomez then hit back, accusing Bieber of cheating on her.

“Funny how those who cheated multiple times point to those who forgave and supported, no wonder the fans are angry. Sad. All the love.”

Bieber then fired back, accusing Gomez of being the one who cheated and not him. “I cheated… Oh, I forgot about you and Zayn?”

Bieber responded, referencing an interview Gomez did with InStyle UK where she admitted that if Malik “had asked me out on a date, I’d be seen with him. I’m kidding, but I’m not kidding.”)

The “Baby” singer deleted her entire Instagram page, while Gomez put an end to the assertion by posting a dedicated photo collage to her fans on Instagram.

The actress from “Only Murders in the Building,” however, later expressed regret for her confrontation with Bieber in a brief statement that she posted on Snapchat.

“What I said was selfish and unnecessary,” she wrote in a snap against a black background.

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