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Former Insider Once Claimed Melania Has A Boyfriend And Trump Is Aware

Noel Casler the former employer of The Celebrity Apprentice, shout out against the former president, Donald Trump’s controversial lifestyle several times.

For example, he said Trump once forced his daughter Ivanka to give him a lap dance in front of the TV crew.

Trump and his adult children are stinking garbage. And Trump and his wife Melania have separate bathrooms. The most shocking claim he made about Melania is that she was living with her boyfriend.

Trump’s whole life is a lie just like Melania’s kidney operation. The presentation is everything so they pose that they are a millionaire and in love with each other like normal couples.

They want to give a good perception to the world about them. We have seen that Melania swat away Trump’s hand on several occasions.

Casler made an NDA at The Celebrity Apprentice, but neither Trump nor Melania uses legal actions against him. It seems like Trump knows about his boyfriend as the adulterous affair has got the attention and he didn’t allegedly respond.

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