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Meghan Markle Accused Of ‘Staging’ Solo Christmas Shopping Photos After ‘Ellen’ Backlash

Meghan Markle
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Fans and critics of Meghan Markle have recently made several comments about her on social media. This comes as photos of her Montecito outing emerged, showing her visiting some stores near their home.

The Express UK reported that some netizens accused the Duchess of Sussex of “staging” these photos. One even stated that the former actress did this because she “was so triggered” upon learning about the apparent backlash from her “The Ellen Show” appearance.

Another individual, also, has similar assertions, saying that Markle was the one who called the paparazzi. As explained, Santa Barbara is a small community, and paparazzi do not just hang around waiting for her to get out of the house.

But, supporters of Prince Harry‘s wife reportedly immediately defended her against the accusations. One netizen praised her for looking “absolutely gorgeous.”

The same fan, then, said that “being papped from time to time is expected.” However, it is an issue people have with the media and paparazzi due to the “illegal and intrusive actions.”

Amid all the defenses and accusations, though, Meghan Markle remains silent about the matter. She, alongside her family, seemingly maintains their privacy.

The commotion surrounding the Duchess of Sussex on social media comes after a royal commentator claimed that she was “upset” by the apparent backlash from her recent appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show. Neil Sean recently told his audience that she has “taken to indoors,” as the British public would reportedly say.

Meghan Markle received criticisms after seeing her participating in the show’s prank segment. The talk show host, DeGeneres, made her do several things in front of unsuspecting vendors.

These include placing a crystal on her head, eating like a chipmunk, and even drinking from a baby’s bottle. As claimed, she did this to boost her brand, making herself “relatable” to the public.

Sean, however, noted that “it did not come out that way.” This is despite Prince Harry reportedly thinking that it was a “good idea,” as well, to show his wife’s fun side.

Meanwhile, the reports of her recent “solo shopping trip” in Montecito first emerged on Friday. The Daily Mail said that many spotted Meghan Markle visiting some of her favorite stores near their family’s estate.

As added, the outing took place on Wednesday afternoon. Although most residents in the area would reportedly have their assistants or personal shoppers do the task, the Duchess of Sussex “preferred to do it herself.”

Prince Harry and their two children were not with her at that time. She was, however, with a bodyguard, who took her back home to her family.

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