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Meghan Markle slammed for attempting British accent on her podcast: ‘Pathetic really’

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What’s the deal with Meghan Markle’s accent? The 41-year-old estranged member of the royal family seemingly attempted a British accent on the latest “Archetypes” podcast episode, with actress Jameela Jamil, 36, who hails from across the pond.

“You alright, babe? Hello?” the “She-Hulk “star asked, to which the former “Deal or No Deal” briefcase girl appeared to reply, “Ello. Hello, my friend. How are you doing?”

The “Ello” comes as Jamil offers her greeting, though it could be an editing snafu. According to a transcript of the episode, Jamil is quoted as saying “ello” and laughing after, with Markle replying, “Hello, my friend. How are you doing?”

Whoever is to blame, the California-born Markle is taking the heat for the four-letter word on social media and in the press.

“Now making fun of the British accent? Please Meghan, just shut up,” one person tweeted.

“Pathetic really,” another quipped, according to Express, while another hater declared about the podcast pair, “They are both as ‘artificial’ as they come!!!”

“Is Meghan trying to do a British accent again?” another user asked, the Daily Mail reported.

This isn’t the first time Markle has been accused of trying out a British accent. A fan-captured clip during a 2018 trip with Queen Elizabeth II went viral as her speech appeared to sound slightly different than normal.

“All over Twitter it’s this big discussion,” a CNN reporter explained at the time. “Strictly speaking, for someone in Britain, it’s not British yet. It’s not. But it is on the way. I think that she’s obviously slowing down her language, enunciating more, as royals try to do so people can understand them.”

Fittingly, during Tuesday’s episode, Jamil talked about how it is unfair that Markle gets ridiculed for everything she does.

“It’s an unfathomable amount of s— that you take, Meghan. I can’t believe it,” she said. “And I fought back on your behalf for years before I’d ever met you because I was so outraged by the twisting of this very normal, very kind, very civilized woman. That demonization just shows how afraid they are of you.”

I’m so sorry you’ve had to withstand it,” Jamil continued. “It has highlighted for us the intense unkindness and bigotry and misogyny of our media. And I think and I hope and I feel faith that the tides are changing because so many of us are fighting back.”

In other “Archetypes” news, author Allison Yarrow has sparked speculation that she never actually spoke to the duchess for her interview.

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