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Internet criticizes man for going against his wife and giving mother house key


Online users criticized a man for allegedly upsetting his wife by giving his mother a duplicate of their house key. Under the username u/Keyissue 505, the man inquired in Reddit‘s “Am I The A******” (AITA) forum: “AITA for allowing my mother has a copy of the key to our new home over my wife’s objection?” The post has received over 14,000 upvotes and over 6,000 comments from people who believe u/Keyissue 505 and his wife should make choices jointly.

u/Keyissue 505 stated in his post that he recently bought a home for himself and his wife. “The home was totally acquired by myself. My wife did not contribute to the savings…and it is in my name, “He wrote something. He subsequently stated, though, that his wife paid their expenses for a period while he saved for their new home.

To celebrate the purchase, u/parents Key issue 505’s had a party, during which his mother requested a duplicate of the home key. “I gave it to her, which irritated my wife. She didn’t say anything at the time, but she waited until we were alone and began an argument with me, claiming that I should not have given my mother a copy of the key “said u/Key issue 505.

“She stated that she is ‘uncomfortable’ with the concept of someone else, who is not a resident, getting a duplicate of the key.” She also [stated] my mother didn’t contribute anything to the house, thus she should be ‘disqualified’ from receiving the key,” he said.

U/Keyissue 505 was upset and informed his wife that as the only owner of the house, he has the authority to decide who may and cannot have a key. This, however, enraged his wife even more.

“She raged at me, screaming that ‘technically,’ she [contributed] to the home savings when she used to pay our rent and everyday costs while I saved money,” he explained. “Since then, we’ve been back and forth on it. She is now ‘letting me know that if I don’t return the key, she will.”

According to Dr. Diana Kirschner, author, and CEO of Lovein90Days.com, couples must work if they want a successful marriage. Redditors believe that the pair has to work together, and they chastised u/Keyissue 505 for not asking his wife before handing over a home key to his mother.

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